Hlc – Hosting Limited Company

All the companies in the world – from the simplest to the more complex – are being run by people, essential figures for the business functioning. The interactions within the company context are usually composed by several complex relationships, that could potentially generate conflicts. Scientific researchers agree that there is a significant level of correlation between employees’ psychological wellbeing and the company efficiency-productivity. Acknowledging these conflicts as a natural phenomenon within an organization, represent the first step to consciously address this matter. In order to do so, management leaders must at first recognize conflicts signals, and secondly learn how to handle these situations using negotiation strategies and techniques. This workshop analyses the key element of negotiations both within an organization, and with external stakeholders and are presented different techniques that facilitate the management and control of the different phases of negotiation process. This participating experience includes also individual activities, group dynamics, video analysis and discussions, business case analysis and role-playing.

Rosario Pio De Ierolamo – Psychologist

Waterfall vs Agile

In a job market that is constantly changing, project organisational models are also evolving. In the production industry, projects development follows new rules and methodologies, and comprehending the best approach to address our case study can have an important impact on the final production efficiency. Choosing between the classic waterfall approach or a a more dynamic and fast approach capable to adapt to all the requirements of each project, can determine our success or our failure. Those methods, among the most used in project management, are the core of this workshop which will illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of its own methodologies, its own applications and managerial best practices for each of those two methods. The workshop will also feature business case storytelling from most successful tech companies around the world that were able to thrive during long periods of crisis, focusing their approach to problem solving and business structure that enabled their growth.

Viviana Lotito – Product Manager


Corporations and businesses in the coming years could play an important role in the social and environmental problems solution. In a globalized world, where the economic crisis caused an increase in the world poverty and a decrease in the economic growth, working in collaboration with the third sector entities means contribute to a smart sustainable and inclusive growth. This will bring multiple benefits in terms of economic capital growth, of the sustainable wellbeing and corporate brand recognition. Divided in 4 modules, this workshop will show the guidelines for social investments with a high regenerating value, addressing in detail Corporate Social responsibility in the European and extra-European context. The workshop will also feature the necessary strategies for a full CSR goal achievement, analysing managerial best practices and methodologies. Main focus will be dedicated to Benefit Corporations and all their innovative models developed through last years, able to generate consistent benefits both in a profit and non-profit environment.

Mattea Traversi – Fundraiser

CREALITY – Realtà Creativa

Art and creativity as managerial regeneration engines. The social and economic crisis has deeply changed our life for over a decade; the consumption of “matter” undermined the instinct for creation, a focal point in the path for the economic development of a community. From Athens to ‘400 Florence, passing from Paris, New York and the Silicon Valley, every technological and social revolution had one common source: the creativity of mankind. Depressed and poor territories, brought mankind to regenerate his own habitat. In this workshop without boundaries, where education and activity will cancel their distances and work on the unconscious. Creativity as a mean to rediscover ourselves, evolutionary engine capable to shatter violent and discriminatory cultural inheritances. Artists as tools to live and bring emotions to life, to recognize ourselves in the elements of our environment. Hundreds of companies all over the world changed the way they do businesswith the creative approach. Creality will try to redefine spaces and times to develop a corporate creative project, able to give a new face and a new soul to its product.

Biagio Giurato – Communication & Business Development

The fishing net

In every organization, the quality of relationships is the necessary background to enable and grant the wellbeing and the harmony of each and every element within the group, where the conflicts are mixed with the individual needs and this could possibly lead to negate the feelings of belongingness. The goal of this workshop is to increase generosity and emotional environment within organizations though and accurate communication and active listening, in order to raise feelings of responsibility and belongingness of each of its own element. The latter will have the opportunity to express freely his feelings, that will be heard and shared empathically and not judged by the rest of the group. Our inspiring model will be the one of a Fishing net, are you ready to get involved?

Giovanni Dipaola - Psicologo – Psychologist – Psychoanalitic Psychotherapist